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Who is the KPxFitness coaching program for?

The program is open to busy men and women ages 25-55 who are willing to put in the work and experience new levels of strength, performance, energy, kickin’ ass and lookin’ good.

Keep in mind that the application process is selective – I only accept a handful of people into the coaching program each month so that I can provide the most personalized and attentive coaching possible.

Who is the KPxFitness coaching program not for?

As a coach, I can show you the exact changes you need to make to your training and nutrition to take your fitness to the next level, but only you can execute the training plan we come up with. People who make excuses, accept their own bullshit, or can’t take coaching advice need not apply.

Apply for the KPxFitness Coaching Program

Simply tell me about your fitness goals on the application form below. I’ll reach out as soon as I review your application.

The next step is a coaching call to determineĀ if you’re a good fit for the program. If we hit it off on the call and I have the right training program for you, we’ll move forward. If not, you’ll leave the call with a solid idea of what you need to do with your training/nutrition going forward. Win/win.


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