Work Smarter, Not Harder

You deserve a body that looks as good as it performs.  

Does this sound familiar: You wake up and race out the door, head to the office for an 8-10 hour day, then battle traffic on your way to the gym, slog through an hour on the treadmill, and finally crawl home to eat dry chicken (again) wondering when your diet and exercise efforts are going to pay off? 

Then the weekend comes, and it's time to get outside and hit the trails and slopes. Forget about diet and exercise, right?!

If you work as hard in the office as you do in the gym, and you like to get outside and play hard, too... well, you've got a lot going on.

You don't have spare time to scour the Internet and put together the "best" training and nutrition plan. 

The standard strategy of slaving away on the treadmill is NOT the answer to developing the body you deserve; your high school sports conditioning program isn't the path to kick-ass levels of fitness, either. 

You simply need to train smarter, not (necessarily) harder.

No worries, I've got you. I designed the Work Hard Play Hard training template after working with dozens of personal training clients in the gym, spending countless training hours figuring out exactly what works... and discarding what doesn't.

The Work Hard Play Hard training program is for outdoor enthusiasts who want to look great in a bikini…and still able to shred the slopes and kick ass at beach volleyball when the opportunity arises.

This FREE guide contains:

  • The simple, proven Work Hard Play Hard training template for building lean muscle, strength, and bulletproofing your body for whatever adventures you want to throw at it.
  • Two short and sweaty fat-blasting cardio sessions (optional, but surprisingly effective) to ramp up your endurance — the better your endurance, the longer you’ll be able to adventure in the wild. 
  • The kick in the pants you need to push your fitness abilities to the limit.

Grab your FREE training plan below and elevate your fitness today!

You'll discover how to simplify your training to build a body that looks as good as it performs - all without living in the gym or wasting hours on the treadmill.

With these free workouts, your training will be more efficient, leaving you more time for the things you actually enjoy doing outside of the gym. 

I've always believed that exercise should enhance your life outside of the gym. Discover the simple training plan I use with personal training clients to deliver the strength and confidence to tackle your life's adventures!

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