Holiday Weight Loss, Part 2

Holiday Weight Loss, Part 2

Holiday Weight Loss

Ah, the holidays. It’s that wonderful time of year when cookies are everywhere and your calendar is bursting at the seams with festive party plans.

Speaking of plans . . . do you have one? A plan for losing (or maintaining) your weight over the holidays?

If you read Part One in this series, you’d know that the only thing standing between you and an XL pair of sweatpants is energy balance; that is, calories in versus calories out. You can control your energy balance by tracking the food you eat with an app like Lose It (calories in) and increasing the amount of activity you participate in (calories out).

Part Two: Being Proactive (Not Reactive)

Simply tracking what you eat and hitting the treadmill at the gym isn’t enough. That’s like blindly throwing darts at a board and hoping to hit the bullseye. You need to plan ahead!

Being proactive instead of reacting to the demands of the holiday season will set you on a course to lose weight, seemingly against the odds.

Using a calorie app like Lose It, you can plan your meals for the next day to make sure you stick to your calorie budget. You can also “meal prep” so that you have a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready to go when your schedule gets busy. Take some time at the beginning of the week to prepare a big batch of food you can take to work or reheat after a long day.

Plan for treats (and don’t call them “cheats” – who are you cheating on?). By tracking your calories, you’ll see how much room you have to indulge. One Christmas cookie or slice of pie won’t put you over the edge. Tracking helps keep you in check while allowing room to indulge in moderation.

Remember that alcohol counts. At 7 cal/gram, alcohol is more energy-dense than protein and carbohydrates (4 cal/g) but slightly less than fat (9 cal/g).

Plan for this, and log it in your Lose It app. That way, you can enjoy a couple beverages without going over your calorie budget.

In Part Three, I’ll share the best tips and tricks to avoid sabotaging yourself at holiday parties.

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