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Whether you’re looking to get a great workout with minimal equipment at home, or wondering what supplements will help you reach your fitness goals faster,
you’ll find the best workout gear and supplements here.


TRX is the go-to brand of suspension trainers, and their lightweight, affordable GO model is perfect for home workouts, business trips, or vacation.

Kettlebells are the ultimate home workout tool because you can get a killer, full-body workout with only one piece of equipment. I recommend ladies pick up at least an 18 lb bell (beginner) and move up to 22-35 lbs (advanced); for the guys, start with 35 lbs and advance to 53 lbs.


Trigger Point is my favorite foam rolling brand. Their GRID roller is easy to pack to the gym or in your luggage, and the NANO foot roller is a life saver after you’ve been on your feet all day.

To target those tiny muscle knots and harder-to-access areas, I like Rock Tape’s roller balls. The spiky one feels as wicked as it looks, but trust me, it will really dig into those tight spots on your quads.


By FAR the most delicious protein supplement I’ve found to date is Ascent Native Fuel Whey. Not only can you taste the vanilla beans, this brand is locally sourced in Colorado from happy hippie cows and contains no artificial flavors or sugars. Try vanilla bean with frozen berries or chocolate with peanut butter and banana. Mixes well with plain water, in a pinch.

For a lactose-free protein supplement alternative to whey, look no further than Vega One. This protein powder is sourced from plants. It’s vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and contains minimal sugar. Plus it actually mixes well and tastes great, compared to most other chalky plant protein supplements.

If you’re a true weekend warrior, you need more than just water to rehydrate and perform at your best. But packing in a ton of Gatorade ain’t gonna cut it on a backcountry adventure. Enter Nuun electrolyte tablets. Drop a tablet into your water bottle, and rehydrate with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in one of their delicious fruity flavors.

I’m often asked about the “best” protein bars, and the truth is, most protein bars suck because they’re loaded with sugar or sugar alcohols. And most of them contain more carbs/sugar than protein! Not RxBar. Made from only a handful of real food ingredients, these are my go-to.


Hands down the best water bottle and protein shaker is the Blender Bottle. You can pick up their classic bottle to stay hydrated at the gym or mix up a post-workout shake.

Even better, try their ProStack locking storage system to keep your protein powder separate from your water until you’re ready for a shake. The storage cups also come with an insert for vitamins.