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Everything in life is easier when you’re stronger. Your strength training program is customized to your goals and will help you build full-body strength to tackle any adventure life throws your way!


All strength programs include nutrition coaching. You’ll learn how to achieve your goals while eating your favorite foods, so that you build the body you desire without dieting or depriving yourself.


Your training program includes a free app so that you can take your workouts on the road and train on your schedule… Never worry about fitting into a busy personal trainer’s calendar again.

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Would you like to build a lean, strong, athletic body without living in the gym?

Turns out, you can – and it’s simpler than you think.

Hi, I’m Katie Prendergast, and I can help you simplify your training to achieve your health, fitness, and performance goals – without living in the gym.

I’m a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Trainer, Precision Nutrition coach, and CrossFit athlete. I’ve helped dozens of clients of all ages and abilities get stronger, fitter, and leaner in the gym. But my real passion is helping busy, overwhelmed people look and feel like athletes!

Top athletes seek out coaching to elevate their game to the next level. So should you. With the KPxFitness coaching program, you’ll build lean muscle, increase your strength, and become more athletic.

I want to help you to look and feel your best so you have the confidence and energy to conquer life’s adventures! What are you waiting for?


What if you could increase your endurance, build full-body strength, and feel confident about the reflection in the mirror?

I know you have high expectations for yourself. You work hard in all areas of your life. And you play hard when you get the chance, too. I want you to be able to wear the confident smile of someone who looks and feels their best.

But have you…
🚫Struggled to stick to numerous restrictive diets?
🚫Felt fatigued upon waking up, or crashed mid-day?
🚫Felt foggy and off your “A game” at school or work?
🚫Spent hours in the gym, with nothing to show for it?

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. Frustrated. Defeated. Maybe even close to giving up.

I’ve been there. Allow me to assure you, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can help you look and feel your best with my exclusive online coaching program.

The program includes everything you need to tackle your training, nutrition, and mindset so that you build a leaner, stronger body that fills you with confidence. And I’ll be there to support you, every step of the way.


What Is “Online Coaching” Anyway?

Online coaching is personal training adapted for the busy, modern world.

As your coach, I provide a training plan that includes strength and cardio workouts so that you lean out while toning up. I also provide a nutrition plan that allows you to eat your favorite foods so that you can lose weight without feeling deprived. And, I provide mindset coaching and motivation so that you stick to your plan and see amazing results.

All of this is delivered directly to you via a convenient phone app. That means you can workout on your time instead of trying to book in with a busy personal trainer. Early riser? No problem. Night owl? You do you. Each workout is designed around your schedule, and the equipment you have available.

This is not a cookie-cutter program you can find online. The workouts and nutrition plan are hand crafted for you – like a fine wine or microbrew. 


I’ll simplify the weight room, so you don’t waste your valuable time wondering which exercises to do.


Forget marathon treadmill sessions. You’ll do the right kind of cardio for your goals and get results faster.


This is not a diet or meal plan. You’ll learn to prepare meals that support your goals without giving up the foods you love.


I’ll stand by you every step of the way to motivate you and to help you adapt your plan to the challenges life throws your way. I’ll keep you accountable so that you finally achieve the level of fitness you deserve!

Featured Athletes

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what KPxFitness athletes say:

“I knew I needed to make long term changes in my life, but it was overwhelming to think about accomplishing them on my own, or even to join a gym and get started. Katie has helped me with nutrition, a workout plan, and developing good habits that I will be able to maintain for life. I have lost almost 20# and 7% body fat, and brought my cholesterol and blood pressure into the “healthy” range. This feels like a huge accomplishment in six months! The benefits I feel every day make a big difference, too. I have more energy, endurance, strength, and better balance! And I now have confidence in the gym. None of this would have happened without Katie’s coaching and mentoring.”

Donna B.


& Hiking Enthusiast

“I started personal training with Katie to prepare for my job as a wildland firefighter. Before training with Katie, I would just do random workouts on my own. I was never sure if I was improving or even doing movements correctly. I liked the impactful workouts Katie designed, and we tracked everything to compare progress. Katie provided encouragement and accountability, yet was always understanding if life threw a wrench in our workout plans. As far as results go, I have significantly more energy and endurance and noticed my running pace improved. I made big gains in each workout session. I now feel prepared for fire season. I definitely recommend Katie’s training.”

Jerek B.

Wildland Firefighter

“I started personal training because wanted to get into shape. Then, I found out I needed a second knee surgery, so I needed to get fit quickly before the surgery. Because of training with Katie, my knee rehab was much easier to manage than the first time, when I wasn’t as strong. As a result of our training sessions, I’ve gained strength and endurance, and lost inches. Most importantly, I can now ski the mountain top to bottom and go all day without feeling winded or tired. Katie has kept me honest with sticking to a consistent strength training plan. I most definitely recommend her coaching!”

Kristie K.

Business Owner

& Skier

“Katie is the best! I started with her Barbelles workout group. The sessions are so fun and rewarding. After training with Katie for 8 months, I can totally see a difference in my cardio and muscle tone. I’ve never been this strong in my life and it’s thanks to Katie!”

Alex started working out in-person. She now trains remotely after moving out of Denver and continues to improve her strength and endurance.
Alex K.


“I tried getting healthy on my own at first, on the cheap, but it was hard, and I realized everybody needs a coach. Katie provides me with much needed momentum toward my goals. She knows when to push me so I get an awesome workout. And having her accountability helps shape my healthy decisions throughout the day. I would absolutely recommend Katie’s coaching.”

Max V.

Software Sales

& Whiskey Afficienado

“I started training with Katie to get over my fear of getting into the “guy zone” of the weight room. Every week is different and I’ve learned how to correctly perform new exercises. I feel like I get a great workout with Katie and love seeing progress week to week. Strength training has carried over into the rest of my life. I now have a consistently healthy lifestyle.”

Molly M.

Healthcare Consultant

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KPxFitness head coach Katie Prendergast is a NASM-Certified trainer, Precision Nutrition (PN-1) coach, online training certified, and her work has been featured on the following publications.