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Would you like to lose weight, lean out, and build toned muscles,
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Hi, I’m Katie Prendergast, and I can help you achieve your health,
fitness, and performance goals so that you become your best self.

I’m a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Trainer,
Precision Nutrition (PN-1) coach, and CrossFit athlete.

I’ve helped dozens of clients of all ages and abilities get stronger, fitter, and leaner in the gym. But my real passion is helping busy young professionals look and feel like athletes!

Top athletes seek out coaching to elevate their game to the next level. So should you.

With coaching, you’ll improve your health, burn fat, lean out, and tone up. You’ll improve your performance in all areas of life: inside the gym, on the playing field, in the boardroom, and everywhere else you work and play.

I want to help you to look and feel your best: lean, toned, strong, and full of energy to conquer life’s adventures!
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I started training with Katie to get over my fear of getting into the “guy zone” of the weight room. Every week is different and I’ve learned how to correctly perform new exercises. I feel like I get a great workout with Katie and love seeing progress week to week. Strength training with Katie has carried over so that I now have a consistently healthy lifestyle.


I knew I needed to make long term changes in my life, but it was overwhelming to think about accomplishing them on my own. Katie helped me with a workout plan, nutrition, and developing good habits that I will be able to maintain for life.

I highly recommend her coaching.


Katie’s online training program kept me on track at the gym over the holidays. The program was challenging, but I stuck with it and am happy with my results. Because of Katie’s coaching, I finally see a big difference in the mirror, and I feel stronger all around! She gave me the tools I need to move my fitness forward. I would definitely recommend Katie’s training!


I tried getting healthy on my own at first, on the cheap, but it was hard, and I realized everybody needs a coach. Katie provides me with much needed momentum toward my goals. She knows when to push me so I get an awesome workout. And having her accountability helps shape my healthy decisions throughout the day. I would absolutely recommend Katie’s coaching.


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