My #1 Rule For Weight Loss

Want to know my #1 rule for losing weight and keeping it off? It’s simple, and I’ll tell you.

But first, a rant
Before I explain my number one rule for losing weight and keeping it off for life, I have a bone to pick with the fitness industry, the mass media, and the bullshit going on in all of our heads as a result of the lies we’re told by health and fitness “gurus” on television and the Internet. Bear with me while I rant for a minute… it should be fun.
The fitness industry, the health and weight loss industry, and big food companies benefit from selling you their products. The more you buy, the more you pad their bottom line. This means that they will use all kinds of psychological ninja-ry to convince you to try their cleanses, potions, powders, and pills. Or to buy more Doritos and Snickers.
Ever wonder why “once you pop, you cannot stop?” It’s because food chemists **DESIGN** snack food to be addicting. Just the right combo of salt and sugar, and BAM! Your brain has zero chance of pumping the brakes before you’re staring down an empty carton of Ben and Jerry’s, wondering where you went wrong in life.
Snack food is designed to be addictive. So if you’re wondering why your crazy Aunt Sally lost fifty pounds by cutting out sugar, it’s because she cut the crack out of her diet and was able to eat real food in reasonable amounts.
It’s not because sugar is evil. It’s because sugar is amazingly delicious and comes in calorically-dense packages that cause us to overeat, therefore putting us in a calorie surplus, which causes weight gain and fat storage.
Follow so far? Cool.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg – the foods (or food-like products) that cause us to gain weight in the first place.

The real insidious problem stems from the weight loss industry, which preys on your insecurities about gaining weight from Doritos and Ben and Jerry’s, playing on how miserable you feel when you look in the mirror, and offers you a magical solution in the form of detoxes, cleanses, “fat burners” and other useless pills.
You don’t need to do a detox because you have a built-in detoxification system in your body. Your liver, kidneys, and even your skin constantly detoxify your body. Doing a 3-day juice cleanse does not in any way, shape, or form make up for three months of holiday cookies and cocktail parties.
Going on a juice cleanse, losing ten pounds, then returning to the same eating habits that got you overweight makes zero sense. Taking fat burners with EGCG does not making it okay to eat whatever you want because you have a “boosted” metabolism.
How did you gain too much weight? By eating too much. It may be harsh, but it’s true.
And it’s GOOD because it means you can do something about it… if you want to.
No one else, no diet or workout or magic pill, can cause you to lose weight. You have to do the work – in the kitchen and in the gym.
Still with me? Cool. Here’s my number one rule for sustainable, long-term weight loss.
The 80-20 Rule
Most of the time (80%) eat real, natural whole foods. You know what those are, but in case you don’t: lean meat, fish, eggs, fruits, veggies, nuts, potatoes, rice, and beans. If it comes in a package with an ingredients label, it’s probably not healthy.
Most of the time (80%) move your body for short, intense bursts of exercise. Don’t half-ass it. But don’t over-do it either. More is not always better. Short and intense is best.
The other times (20%) – enjoy yourself! Drink a beer. Eat a scoop of ice cream. Skip your workout because you didn’t get any sleep last night or had to work too late to go to the gym. But not because you “don’t feel like it.”
It’s called balance, people. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. You cannot cleanse yourself skinny. You cannot sustain a crazy crash diet without eventually binging.
But you CAN eat healthy and move your body 5-6 days each week. You can indulge in a treat every now and then. It keeps you sane. And it makes this whole “fitness” thing worth it. Because what’s the point of looking like a Greek god on the outside if you feel like a deprived, isolated shell on the inside?
Fitness and nutrition should enhance your life, not limit it.
Embrace the 80/20 philosophy to simplify your nutrition and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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