Should You Exercise On Vacation?

We’re creatures of habit, but traveling upsets our routine. With that in mind, you absolutely should try to maintain your healthy habits while you’re on the road.
Things like your morning routine and how you eat don’t need to change much on vacation. If you wake up and stretch first thing at home, do the same on the road.
But remember, you’re on vacation, and you should enjoy it! Taking time off from a strict training schedule can actually be beneficial for your health and fitness because it allows your body to recover, and it will help you stick to your training plan in the long run.
Afraid that taking a week off will ruin your progress? It won’t, as long as you stay active.
Choose activities appropriate for the trip you’re on: walk or bike to explore a new city, swim or play volleyball at the beach, hike or throw a football in the woods – just stay active.
On the other hand, if your idea of a vacation is laying by the pool for a week, you should probably plan some kind of activity into your day, even if it’s simply a long walk after dinner. Any movement you can “sneak into” your trip will be beneficial.
And, honestly, your diet is going to be the most important determinant of maintaining your progress, especially if weight loss is your goal. Being on vacation is not an excuse to eat the entire “all you can eat” buffet. Pick out reasonable portion sizes of “treats” you want to enjoy, and enjoy the hell out of them!
If you absolutely insist on training during your vacation, your workout will depend on what equipment you have access to on your trip. If your hotel is equipped with a gym, great! You can probably continue to follow whatever training plan you’re on at home.
If not, you’ll need to track down a gym or get creative. You can pack resistance bands and get a great full body workout in your hotel room. A jump rope also packs easily and provides a heck of a cardio workout. Bodyweight movements are awesome for travel workouts because you don’t need any equipment and can exercise right in your hotel room.
Just remember, you’re on vacation – have fun!
And with that in mind, I’ve got to run.
All the paella in Spain isn’t going to eat itself.

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