No Fear Weight Lifting

Are you afraid of lifting weights?

I’ve met a lot of women at my gym lately who confessed a fear of using the weight room.
It can be truly intimidating to start using free weights instead of machines if you’re not sure what you’re doing. You may feel self-conscious, like people are watching or judging you. You may fear the “jocks” will call you out and embarrass you in front of everyone. Or, maybe no one corrects you, and you end up injured.
This fear-factor doesn’t only apply to the ladies. For guys, it’s expected that you “already know” what you’re doing with weights. If you’ve never lifted before, or if you never had any good instruction on how to lift properly without tearing your shit up, it can be just as daunting to step into the weight room.
This is a damn shame because lifting weights is one of the best ways to change your physique, tone up, and burn fat so you look sexy and athletic.
The number one tip I can give you to conquer that fear is to find someone knowledgable to show you the ropes, like a certified personal trainer. With proper training in the major lifts, you’ll have confidence to step into the weight room and conquer your workout.
My client Molly has come a long way since she started training:
“As women, we might think all we need to be healthy is cardio. I started training with Katie to get over my fear of getting into the “guy zone” of the weight room. Every week is different, and I’ve learned how to correctly perform new exercises. I get a great workout with Katie and love seeing my progress week to week. Strength training has carried over into the rest of my life. I now feel like I have a consistently healthy lifestyle.”
No one should have to feel intimidated to step into their gym’s weight room.
So, what are your biggest questions about weight lifting?
Is there a particular exercise that you’d like to learn?
Are you confused about how many sets and reps to do?
Do you want to learn how much weight you should be lifting for your goals?
Please comment on this post with your biggest question. I will answer all questions personally, and compile them into another blog post to help clear up the fear and confusion that surrounds weight training.

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Wondering if weight training is right for you and your goals?