Guest Blog: The Problem With Generic Fitness Programs

Guest Blog via Lapsley Fitness

I’m excited to feature a guest blog post from Craig Lapsley of Lapsley Fitness. He writes about the importance of “personalized” training programs that take into account your current skills and fitness levels to get the most from your training efforts.
“What if I told you that cookie-cutter programs like the Texas Method, Arnold’s Blueprint, and others you find posted on the Internet by pro athletes are not helping your progress but destroying it?  That’s right… the generic program you are following might be impeding your progress. You are an individual with different goals, genetics, training experience, potential and nutritional intake to the next guy or girl.  Your training program should reflect this…”
Read the rest on Craig’s site [HERE] to find out how to personalize generic programs to meet your goals.
Craig is an online and offline Physique Coach and who specializes in creating completely individualized programs for those that want to transform their body and health. His blog features some great articles on training, mindset, and healthy recipes. Check it out for more info!