Take Charge Of Your Fitness!

If you want to improve your health and fitness, be proactive, not reactive.

To accomplish anything in life, you need a plan. Imagine taking a road trip to Vegas. You wouldn’t just start driving in that general direction, would you? No. You’d look up the route on your GPS.
Likewise, if you want to “get fit” (strong, lean, whatever that means to you)… you need a plan of attack. Proactively planning out your meals and workouts is 100x better than reacting to life when it gets in the way. Even if you can’t always stick to the plan, you’ll be ahead of the game more often than not.
Here’s how to take charge of your fitness in three easy steps:

  1. Plan your workouts in advance. Sit down with your calendar and plug in the days and times you’ll go to the gym. Be specific! Set a time, not just “after work.” Then, decide what you’ll work on each day, whether it’s chest/back, full body, intervals, cardio, etc. Look up exercises online, find a training plan, ask an experienced friend to workout with you, or ask a trainer at your gym for advice on the best exercises.
  2. Next, take charge of your diet. Download a meal tracking app like Lose It or MyFitnessPal and plug in an “ideal” day of eating that fits your calorie target. Use that ideal day to make a grocery list, buy the food you need, and prepare it. If you log everything after the fact, you’ll find yourself out of calories by dinner, or eating plain chicken breast because you missed your protein goal for the day
  3. Finally, set reminders on your phone to make sure you stick to each part of your plan: workout times, drinking more water, a reasonable bed time, and any other habit that will move you closer to your goal. The reminders will reinforce each task until it becomes second nature

If all of this sounds like it takes time and effort – it will.
But getting in shape isn’t easy. A little preparation now will save you a lot of time later. Think of this process as an investment in your health and fitness that will pay off when you put your plan into action

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