Three Easy Ways to Lose Weight Right Now

Read On If You Want To See A Lower Number On The Scale Today

I’m going to give away the top three ways I’ve found in my experience as a personal trainer that cause you to instantly lose weight. These are three guaranteed weight loss methods.
Are you ready?
The top three ways to drop scale weight, right now:

  1. Get a hair cut;
  2. Go to the bathroom;
  3. Get naked – clothes are so heavy.

If you want to see a smaller number on your scale, I guarantee those three things will do the trick!
Okay, okay, I’ll stop joking around. I work with a lot of people who want to lose weight. But…
When you say you “want to lose weight,” don’t you really mean that you want to look and feel confident and sexy? The number on the scale is trivial compared to the confidence you gain when you slip on a cute dress or take your shirt off at the pool, and turn heads doing it.
Maybe the real problem weight loss is that we’re looking at the problem the wrong way.
The old way relies on the bathroom scale.
First of all, the number on the scale isn’t the most important measure of your “success” with dieting. Your weight can fluctuate 1-2 pounds over the course of the day based on your hydration levels and whether you’ve eaten or used the bathroom recently. Getting down and depressed about a two-pound weight “gain” that is actually a natural fluctuation can be a real mind-fuck, and can result in you giving up when you’re probably on the right track.
Secondly, and I want you to read this carefully: NO ONE cares about how much you weigh.
That hot guy/gal across the bar isn’t guessing what number you tip the scales. S/he is probably looking you up and down, deciding if you look good. That decision is subjective, and it is not tied to a number on the scale.
Whether you look good in the mirror and feel good about the way you look largely depends on your body composition – how much lean body mass (muscle) you carry compared to body fat.
I propose a new way to think about your “weight loss” goals: Stop trying to lose weight, and start training to change your body composition.
In order to look great and impress the hotties at the bar, you need to do two simple (though not necessarily easy) things:

  1. reduce body fat by creating a caloric deficit
  2. build lean body mass by strength training

In simpler terms, you need to diet and exercise. When you look at it this way, it’s no wonder diets don’t work – at least not statistically speaking. Studies have concluded that only ten percent of dieters actually lose weight, and only 2-5% of those who lose any weight on a diet successfully keep off that weight in the long term.
These studies that report abysmal weight loss rates are usually looking at diet alone, and they focus only on body weight as measured by the scale (not on body composition).
Okay, so instead of thinking about diets in the old way (as a means to weight loss), let’s start thinking about the process as body recomposition (melting fat off your lean, sexy muscles).
Shift your thinking from “less” to “more.” Instead of focusing on weighing less, strive to lift more weight, gain more strength, and improve your body composition by building more muscle.
Now, before I scare off female readers who want to tone up their arms, belly, and thighs, I should add that “tone” simply means being able to see muscle definition, which brings us back to the two critical steps in body recomposition: fat loss + muscle building.
GOTTA BUILD THOSE MUSCLES if you want a toned and defined body (ladies, I’m talking to you).
Stop defining your success by the number on the scale. The number might go UP as you start to look seriously good. That’s because muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less space. Ergo, you look leaner while weighing more. If you focus on the scale, the number may be higher, and you’ll feel like a failure… even though you’re changing your body composition.
Define your diet’s success based on how much energy you get from the food you eat, how you feel after a meal, how your clothes fit.
You’re not a number. Don’t define yourself by the one on the scale.

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