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Holiday Weight Loss

Holiday Weight Loss  The holiday season is upon us! Break out the pumpkin spice lattes, turkey, stuffing, eggnog, holiday cookies, and peppermint flavored everything. Your waistline doesn’t stand a chance, right? Not so fast. You CAN enjoy the holiday season and not gain weight. In fact, you can even LOSE weight over the holidays, if…
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Three Easy Ways to Lose Weight Right Now

Read On If You Want To See A Lower Number On The Scale Today   I’m going to give away the top three ways I’ve found in my experience as a personal trainer that cause you to instantly lose weight. These are three guaranteed weight loss methods. Are you ready? The top three ways to…
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Does Muscle Confusion Work For Fat Loss?

Muscle Confusion Myth Busting   The term “muscle confusion” was coined to market a popular workout program. But the term makes people think they need to trick their bodies into fitness, which is not the case. The muscle confusion theory is based off the idea that constantly changing your workouts means your body will constantly…
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7 Strategies To Stick To Your Weight Loss Diet

  Dieting sucks and is hard to stick to for long. It’s hard to stick to for the long term because you sometimes feel hungry or have cravings, but there are some tricks you can use to stick it out. First, allow me to explain the two most important aspects of building your weight loss…
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Your Biggest Nutrition Questions, Answered

Confused about what to eat to lose fat, gain muscle, and get shredded? There is so much conflicting information about nutrition out there, it’s hard to sort out the fact from the fiction. Allow me to simplify things for you so you can stop wasting time thinking about food, and start eating right for you goals. We’ll…
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The Best Workout To Get Lean For Summer

  Everyone Wants To Know The Best Workout To Get Lean And Ripped So I’ll tell you definitively what that workout is in a moment. But first, let me ask you this… What’s the best car? The best burger joint? The best place to live? The answer is, it depends. That’s not the answer people…
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