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Fix Your Form: Deadlift Edition

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as picking up a crazy-heavy barbell off the floor, amiright? The deadlift is an incredible full-body exercise that improves grip strength, challenges every muscle in your posterior chain, enhances athleticism, and builds a bigger booty. Learning to properly hip hinge and working up to heavy* deadlifting can do wonders for…
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Three Weight Loss Diets That Actually Work

Search the internet for “weight loss diet” and you’ll be inundated with about 8,240,000 results in 0.57 seconds. That’s a lot of freaking diet information to wade through. Allow me to simplify matters for you. The dirty little secret of the diet industry is that ALL diets work, as long as they create a calorie…
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7 Simple Sleep Tips To Get Strong, Lean, or Jacked

You can sleep your way to gains You’re probably aware that sleep is important, but if you’re like most people, you don’t get adequate shut eye. Well, enough is enough. Sleep ain’t a luxury. It’s a necessity for a high-performing body and mind. Sleep is the most underrated performance enhancing drug available to people wanting…
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Holiday Fitness Gift Guide

Wondering what to get the gym rat or fitness fiend on your holiday list? Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or the perfect gift to add to their home gym, these gifts are bound to be a big hit! Stocking Stuffers Blender Bottle is the best protein shaker cup in the industry, with a metal…
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How To Eat Donuts And Not Gain Fat

I recently asked friends on my Facebook fan page about their biggest fitness questions. While this one was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I wanted to address it because I know it’s a big concern for a lot of people looking to lose weight.   Dan asks: How can I eat pizza and donuts and not get fat? Very…
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5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of A New Gym Membership

With the New Year approaching, you may be contemplating joining a gym. Here’s how to make the most of it!   You probably decided you need to sign up because you want to lose the extra weight that you’ve put on this year. Maybe you used to work out and liked how you felt back…
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