What To Do When You Fall Off The Fitness Wagon

How You React To Setbacks Has A Big Impact On Your Results

Confession – the past couple weeks have been crazy. I was out of town, then working a hectic schedule, then had family in town… My workouts suffered, or became non-existent. My nutrition suffered. My sleep schedule was erratic, or also non-existent. And now it’s Monday again.
All this is to say, life happens. Everyone, even fitness professionals, fall off the “health and fitness” wagon once in a while. We feel like crap after a long weekend of slacking off and vow to get back into it when Monday rolls around.
Here are the top three things you can do to get back on track, and stay there beyond this week:

  1. Start now! Don’t wait for Monday (okay, today is Monday, but if you go off your plan tomorrow, don’t wait for next Monday). Every second of your day is an opportunity to make a positive, healthy choice. So you were tired and cranky and ordered a double mocha latte on the way to work. Just turn it around and pass on the donuts in the break room. Donuts get ya? Commit to going out for a healthy lunch. Then, drive past the grocery store on the way home to pick up ingredients for a healthy dinner and pack the leftovers so you’re not faced with the same problem tomorrow.
  2. Set yourself up for success. Don’t expect to go from zero to sixty. Start with one healthy decision today, like drinking extra water. Or commit to gym time with a friend after work. Hold yourself to each commitment. Once you reestablish one healthy habit, add another on top of that. 
  3. Celebrate the little wins. Did you make it back to the gym three times this week like you wanted to? Hell yeah, good for you! Pat yourself on the back. Whatever your goal was, be proud of yourself for sticking to it and resolve to build on that success next week. Every healthy decision you made is a positive step, no matter how small it seems. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, and neither is a healthy lifestyle. Keep piling up those little wins.


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