The Best Workout To Get Lean For Summer


Everyone Wants To Know The Best Workout To Get Lean And Ripped

So I’ll tell you definitively what that workout is in a moment.
But first, let me ask you this…

  • What’s the best car?
  • The best burger joint?
  • The best place to live?

The answer is, it depends. That’s not the answer people like to hear, but it’s the truth. Likewise, the “best” workout to lean out depends on a lot of factors.
Even if you get more specific and ask me the best workout/exercise for weight loss or toning a certain body part or whatever your goal is, and I tell you the “best” answer, it wouldn’t matter what I said.
Let’s say your goal is to turn into Batman or Wonder Woman. Cool. In order to become Batman or Wonder Woman, you must spend 47.5 minutes on the treadmill, deadlift your car five times, and do a box jump… it’s that easy. But you don’t have 47.5 minutes in a day to exercise, you’ve never done a deadlift, and box jumps scare the bejesus out of you (this fear is real – racking your shins on a box hurts).
Basically, I’ve just told you the perfect formula for your goal, right? But you’re never going to turn into a caped crusader because the workout routine I told you doesn’t fit your schedule, your skills, or your interests. 

Aside from hypothetical comic book workout plans, the BEST workout program is one that:

  1. Is designed with your specific goal in mind.
    • Want to get stronger? Lift heavy things 5-8 times. Repeat.
  2. Is designed around your current skill set.
    • If you’ve never worked out before, don’t clean and jerk in your first training session.
  3. Is designed around your level of commitment.
    • Only have 25 minutes a day? Chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, etc, may not be right for you because it requires a lot of rest (aka time wasted). Only have two free days a week? You may be best off working total body to make the most of those two days.
  4. Takes your interests into account.
    • If you hate running (I do!) and your program calls for three days of treadmill intervals, no amount of willpower will make you stick to that program.
  5. Progresses you at a reasonable pace toward your goal to avoid injury or stagnation.
    • Doing the same shit for 10 months without seeing results is dumb. Jumping from one exercise fad to the next is equally dumb. Pick something that sounds fun that you can commit to for 4-6 weeks and DO IT until the end. Then progress it after your body adapts.

“It depends” may spark more questions than it answers, and that’s okay.
You are a unique snowflake, just like your teachers always told you. Certain exercise principles hold true for everyone, but if you have no interest in following what someone claims is the “best” program out there, it won’t work for you. The best programs work because you enjoy (or at least tolerate) following them.

Consistent training over time is the only recipe for success.
If you have specific questions about the best workout program for your goals, current skills and interests, and your level of commitment, I’d love to help you out with a quick strategy call.

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