Author: Katie Prendergast

Motivation is Meaningless

Sometimes all you need is to read some #MondayMotivation memes and hit the gym. But by Wednesday? Midweek is when most people start fading from the gym and giving up on their workouts for the week. Can we have some real talk, guys? Motivation does not matter. Yesterday, I felt like shit. I didn’t sleep…
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The Best Workout To Get Lean For Summer

  Everyone Wants To Know The Best Workout To Get Lean And Ripped So I’ll tell you definitively what that workout is in a moment. But first, let me ask you this… What’s the best car? The best burger joint? The best place to live? The answer is, it depends. That’s not the answer people…
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The Heart Of A Champion

What The 2016 NBA Finals Can Teach Us About Our Own Fitness On this, the second greatest day in Cleveland sports history,* I can’t help but get choked up at the thought of that Championship hardware… I mean… all of the teamwork that went into it, that is. Today, for those of you who aren’t…
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What To Do When You Fall Off The Fitness Wagon

How You React To Setbacks Has A Big Impact On Your Results Confession – the past couple weeks have been crazy. I was out of town, then working a hectic schedule, then had family in town… My workouts suffered, or became non-existent. My nutrition suffered. My sleep schedule was erratic, or also non-existent. And now…
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Find Your Fitness Focus

We’ve all seen “that” guy or gal at the gym, texting between sets on the seated leg press. Or worse, texting while leg pressing. Don’t be that guy. Why’s this so bad? It’s just multi-tasking, right? As long as they’re moving the weight, it shouldn’t really matter if they’re texting, reading, talking to somebody, or…
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Do You Know The Difference Between Working Out And Training?

  There’s A Subtle Difference Between “Working Out” And “Training” – And That Difference Matters For Your Results   As a personal trainer, I get a lot of questions from friends, family, and clients about what to eat to lose weight or which exercises are best for toning up certain muscles. People want to know…
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